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Phys încarcai picioarele în varicoza. Ce trebuie să faceți dacă vă ridicați glezna și piciorul este umflat

Glezna împreună cu genunchiul și șoldul este una dintre cele mai mari articulații. Și una dintre manifestările patologiei acestei articulații este umflarea. Dar înainte de a discuta despre ce trebuie tratat pentru edemul gleznelor, este necesar să înțelegem puțin cauzele acestei patologii.

Pompiliu Manea Prof. Pompiliu Manea My dear friends, I wish to welcome you to Cluj Napoca, the beautiful city located near the river Someşul Mic and capital city of Transylvania, protected by the surrounding hills. At that moment I realized that we were doing nothing else but values connected to other values, that is the men and specialists who had used these instruments for establishing the diagnosis, for treating the disease and for medical research purposes.

This destructive activity went on for years, as it happened in case of all values during communism, untilwhen I met in Cluj Hadrian Daicoviciu, PhD, at that time general manager at the History Museum, who after finding the solution to this problem empowered me by means of the Decision No.

Of course, in this respect I was provided with all the necessary legal information nicotinka i vene varicoase well. I started visiting hospitals all over Romania and during this journey undertaken for the medical equipment service, I managed to register all the medical devices deemed as being part of the Romanian National Heritage.

Prof. Dr. Toma Niculescu - MEDICINA MUNCII

Of course these devices were registered long before destruction; therefore I managed to save a lot of equipment of this type.

During my journey I met people who understood the importance of these values, at first at my working place, then within the medical personnel working in various hospitals, people who greeted me and invited me to search in the attics, basements and in the deposits for obsolete equipment or anywhere else where we could find anything worth saving and could be saved.

Before I was not aware of the fact, that in other countries, especially in the noncommunist ones, there were drugstores passed from fathers to sons.

phys încarcai picioarele în varicoza

Within these drugstores each instrument and each apparatus was a memory, a vivid one identified with the ancestors and therefore carefully kept at a safe place, for the purpose of preventing its destruction and depreciation.

When generations collected these memories passed from fathers to sons, naturally a place was found where these collections of professional use of bigger or smaller size could be kept.

phys încarcai picioarele în varicoza

However, in my case many years of detailed and hard work had to phys încarcai picioarele în varicoza until we managed to find the legal way for obtaining all the approvals and the money needed for creating a collection of medical equipment, a collection unique in Romania even today. Furthermore we were provided with the money necessary for decorating and painting the building.

Afterwards we stared transferring the medical equipment to this place, at the beginning for depositing purposes, later we started designing the necessary furniture, thereby complying with the instructions received from my friend Willem Începutul varicoasei, Administrator of the University Museum in Utrecht, Holland.

Не знаю, -- наконец прошептал. -- Мне что-то и пробовать-то не -- Я совершенно уверен, что тебе не удалось бы по ней пройти ни за что на свете.

I wish to highlight the fact that in the collection was presented at the Congress held in Leeds, UK, and classified as universal heritage. Finally, today we are honored being surrounded by our colleagues and friends coming from Europe, the USA and Russia, and participating phys încarcai picioarele în varicoza the 9th Workshop of the E. Today, I would like to thank the guests and phys încarcai picioarele în varicoza who have joined us from the various corners of the world and have traveled thousands of miles just to be here and I wish to believe that they have joined us out of respect for me and my country, Romania.

phys încarcai picioarele în varicoza

Petersburg, city of Pervii Petru. Last but not least, I wish to mention Willem Mulder, administrator of the University Museum in Utrecht, president to honor of the event organized today. He has advised and helped us during the organizing of this collection and who after two days of traveling arrived in Romania from Holland, with three days before the opening of the Workshop to see whether everything was all right, although I am sure that there is still much to be done.

phys încarcai picioarele în varicoza

Moreover, I wish to mention the fact that he joined us together with his wife, Tiny Mulder, and I am happy to welcome his friends Marie-Jose and Jan Hoekstra and his 8 collaborators Sanne Witter and Phys încarcai picioarele în varicoza Zijp as well, who will be spending eleven days in Romania for the purpose of getting to know us better. I also welcome Alexandru Herlea, former secretary of the Romanian Ministry for European Integration in the Romanian Government within and teacher of technology and science history at the Technical University Belfort-Montbeliard, who today conducts a PhD program having as topic the evolution of medical engineering in Romania, I wish to say thank you to all our friends who honor us today with their presence, experience and scientific knowledge gathered in the field of medical sciences from all over the world.

Furthermore, I wish to thank the Romanian participants as well, who will share their presentations with us.

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Such Romanian participants are: Dr. Adrian Zah. Furthermore, I wish to say thank you to everybody who helped in organizing this workshop, as did Roxana Ghindeanu - the workshop secretary, George Bina, Octavian, Olariu, Ovidiu Chilat. I also wish to thank to Mr. We further wish to thank the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania, lead by Mrs.

Nevertheless, I wish to thank everybody present here today, friends and collaborators, participating at the opening ceremony and I invite you to join us at the welcoming cocktail.

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